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Cessna 172 G1000 Flight deck and Cockpit TRC 472-FG

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Description and Price estimate

Open the door and step in your own Cessna cockpit. Every­thing is included. A windshield, two doors with soft pads on the inside, carpeting on the floor and behind the seats, two ad­justable seats. ceiling lighting, two fans for fresh air with ad­justable nozzles, switches for lighting and fans and sockets for head sets.

TRC 472F Cabin is made of high quality, fire-retardant ABS and resembles the Cessna 172 fuselage. It’s designed in such a way, that it’s also possible to mount the cabin on a moving platform.

Spesification and Price Estimate

The following instruments and components are included in the TRC472-FG Professional:

  • TRC 472F Cabin
  • TRC 472G Panel Glass Cockpit professional version
  • TRC 1000 Complete Glass Cockpit
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Attitude Indicator
  • Altimeter
  • Yoke System (2x)
  • Rudder Pedals with Proportional Brake System (2x)
  • Trim Wheel
  • Flaps Switch and Position Indicator
  • Throttle
  • Mixture
  • Prop
  • USB Controller for Throttle/Mixture/Prop
  • Tank Switch and Fuel Switch Shut off
  • Key Lock Starter Switch
  • TRC 1000 Switches Board
  • 37 Circuit Breakers Set pro
  • Hobbs Meter
  • Wet Compass

Price Estimate

TRC 472-FA Flight Deck base price (single Yoke and rudder)
AUD 67,800.00
Simulation and instructor station software
AUD 5,700.00
180 degree visual system **
AUD 16,200.00
Two Computer Systems incl. 19” rack
AUD 5,700.00

TOTAL: AUD 95,400.00
Indicated prices are excl. shipping and GST.

Additional dual yoke and dual rudder setup costs
AUD 4,780.00

FAA AATD approved systems can only be purchased with a dual yoke and rudder setup.

** FAA AATD has a 180 degree visual system with three projectors instead of two.
The cost of this additional projector is AUD 1,900.00


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