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MCP737PRO3 is a full scale replica of a Boeing 737NG and Boeing 737MAX Mode Control Panel, look and functionality are reproduced with high details.

It is the core of an expandable system that allows additional hardware to be daisy-chained through it. The big advantage of this system is that you can add many other modules (EFIS’s, radios, MIP modules) simply connecting them in daisy chain to the MCP through the provided cables (each module is supplied with its own 5 pole cable). Connecting a single ethernet cable you connect the MCP together with all the modules to your system. All the other modules are connected in chain to the MCP that manages the communication between them.
The MCP737PRO3 supports the mainly used FS add-on software; to know more about the compatibility with a specific add-on aircraft please refer to “Technical and documents” section.
MCP737PRO3 hardware establishes an interface with Flight Simulator/ Prepar3D and the used add-on; logics, operating modes and aircraft way of behaving are managed by the software.
The module is complete and ready to be used and does not require additional cards or software programming. Test program software can be free downloaded.

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