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Multi channel splitter with professional edge blending


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SB-700 Splitter and edge blending processor

The SB-700 spliier and edge blending processor can perform curved edge blending up to 4 projectors from one box. It was designed with multiple inputs for easy connection with all kinds of 4k video sources and 4k UHD loop out for daisy chain connection in multiple units cascade. Advanced warp technology is embedded to allow user to use low cost projector to get the same performance. User can use keypads, IR controller or Ethernet to perform sophisticated geometry alignment, edge blending, color fine-tune and non-overlapped area black level uplift. Embedded video wall function is to crop source image for each projector with flexible aspect ratio adjustmen. Except for video source and projector, complete curved edge blending can be achieved without PC or video distributor. It provides a easy, flexible, reliable and professional solution.


  • Four edges blending up to 15×15 matrix display from single signal.
  • Multiple input ports for multiple signal connection.
  • Programmable EDID and support None VESA standard input timing.
  • Precise geometry alignment, max. up to 17×17 grid pattern.
  • Image PIP/POP, flip, rotation and warping.
  • Edge blending for curved, 360 degrees and irregular surface.
  • Edge blending with projector at portrait position.
  • Edge blending with multiple discrete PC in simulation system.
  • Edge blending for active and passive 3D.
  • Embedded video wall function, no image splitter is required.
  • 4K loop out port for daisy chain connection in cascade application.
  • Easy to achieve super high resolution edge blending.
  • Precise gamma and color fine-tune in edge blending region.
  • White balance correction and accurate black level uplift.
  • Programmable EDID setting.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 10 cm


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