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Overhead FWD Panel


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Full scale replica of Boeing 737 OVERHEAD FWD PANEL.


  • Custom backlighting frontplate.
  • Backlight color: Warm white.
  • Electromagnetic YAW-DAMPER & WING ANTI-ICE switches.
  • Electromagnetic START SWITCHES
  • Pushbutton for annunciator test.
  • OVH737FWD comes provided with all the gauges.
  • Displays: FLT ALT and LAND ALT yellow digit.
  • DVM display with green digit.
  • Display characteristics: LED 7 segment. Digit height: 0,3″ (7,6 mm).
  • 2 encoders to set FLT ALT and LAND ALT.
  • Encoders characteristics: Half million cycle rated, 32 increment for rotation (with detent).
  • High reliability switches with locking lever (where required).
  • 12Vdc 5A power supply adapter (provided)
  • USB Interface (USB cable provided).
  • Compatible with Project Magenta, PROSIM737, PMDG737NGX.
  • See manual for dimensions and weight.

Additional information

Weight 17.1 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 20 cm


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